Scott A. Trimble graduated from USC's School of Cinema and Television with an emphasis on history/criticism and screenwriting. Although he enjoyed writing, inspiration often peaked and dissipated before he had transcribed ideas into words.  By contrast, he found painting brimming with opportunities for immediacy and spontaneity.

Trimble examines the elusive nature of recall within the hidden structures of relationships and emotional wellsprings as he focuses on their interplay with the sparks and shadows of the mind, and its stories.  He reuses and repurposes his own canvases, partially or sometimes wholly obscuring previous images, pressing the remainders into service of new, multiple palimpsests that both mimic and replicate the way our memories construct themselves over time.  He considers his paintings manifest memories, and his practice of planting successive images on the same plane offers an experience beyond the four corners of the canvas.   

Engaging the intuition of eyes and hand, Trimble intends to tell a story that is partly his own and partly the story of each painting’s own making, mirroring the shifting, fragmentary nature of recall, distilled to a sensation, a pocket narrative, a very, very short story mapped organically in an atemporal, non-linear fashion.

Unwilling to fully renounce writing, Trimble pairs intuitively musical titles with doggedly ambiguous imagery. That poetic interaction is your invitation to find resonance with the human melody.

An active artist-member of the Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, Trimble's work continues to be widely shown in group shows, pairings, and solo exhibitions throughout Southern California and elsewhere.

You can see more work at Artsy,  Saatchi Art and on Facebook

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Scott A. Trimble paints with a pressing need to tell a story distilled down to its emotional fabric.  He enlivens deceptively raw “pocket narratives” with energetic brushstrokes of thick oil paint worked into textured remnants of prior imagery.  Intent on capturing the kind of realism we feel rather than see, Trimble’s poetic titles help the viewer navigate the often dream-like imagery of figures and surreal landscapes.